Jefffco Type III Incident Management Team

The Jeffco Incident Management Team (IMT) is a multi-agency team that responds to large all-hazard situations in Jefferson County and the surrounding areas. The team is comprised of over 100 people from 20 different agencies in and around the county, including law enforcement, fire departments, forest service and land management agencies.

When a local fire department or law enforcement agency is overwhelmed by a large-scale incident, the Jeffcoy Incident Management Team can bring management, organization and support. An incident management group was established in 1992 to manage wildland fires. After the Hi-Meadow fire in 2000, the team reorganized to fill all-risk incident management needs, and was the first team to be certified by the state of Colorado. In 2001, it became the Jeffco Type III Incident Management Team (IMT). It was the first organized incident management team for a Colorado county.

Jeffco IMT Callouts

2013 Bluebell Fire

2013 Jefferson County Flooding

2012 Lower North Fork Fire

2011 USA Pro Cycle Bike Race

2011 Indian Gulch Fire

2011 Council Bluffs, Iowa Flooding

2010 Blackhawk Fire

2010 All Hazards IMT Conference

2009 H1N1 vaccination distribution

2009 National Disaster Medical System - DIA

2008 Alamosa salmonella outbreak

2008 Windsor tornado

2006-2007 Southeast Colorado blizzard support activated through Colorado Division of Emergency Management

2006 Plainvew fire: burned 2,700 acres

2006 Upper Bear Creek fire

2005 Table Mountain fire

2003 Cherokee Ranch fire

2002 Snaking fire: burned 2590 acres, two structures, outbuildings. No homes destroyed.

2002 Black Mountain fire: burned 245 acres. No structures destroyed; 1,700 people evacuated.

2002 Schoonover Gulch fire: burned 3,862 acres. Four residences destroyed; nine outbuildings destroyed

2002 Fountain Gulch fire

2002 Blue Mountain fire

2002 Hayman fire, the largest fire in Colorado history. Burned 168,000 acres. About 40,000 people evacuated; 133 residences were destroyed, along with one commercial property and 466 outbuildings.

2000 Hi-Meadow fire: burned 10,800 acres, 51 primary structures, one commercial building and six outbuildings.

1996 Buffalo Creek fire: burned 11,875 acres, seven structures (primary residences), five minor structures and five vehicles.